October 1, 2015


Photographer Antonio Palmerini quotes a poet when stating: If you can't sleep at night, it's because you're awake in somebody else's dream. Just like in his photographs, where the subjects are turned into vagabond ghosts, projections of an imaginary and distant world.
Palmerini meditatively walks on two creative horizons, that of drawing and that of photography. The first to expand on what cannot be photographed, the second to testify situations and evoke the very existence of people.
The techniques he uses to create this dream-like effect through photography are double exposure, long exposures and high contrast in film processing. When he finds subjects that cannot be captured on film, such as dreams or subconscious impulses, then Palmerini recourses to drawing and painting.
For the Roman artist photography is the mirror of imagination. As he puts it himself: Rather than offering a conventional image of a face or a landscape, I prefer to take a handkerchief, twist it however I like, and photograph it accordingly.